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Why Under Undies?

Increased comfort:  wearing a cover provides a layer of soft fabric between your skin & your appliance – reducing perspiration & your appliance ‘sticking’ to your skin.  Our fully enclosed covers also prevent clips & closures from rubbing on the skin.

Reduce Irritation: if you have sensitive skin you may have skin problems caused by plastic against your skin – a soft, cotton cover can help to reduce this problem.

Increased security
:  another layer of fabric enclosing your appliance gives a last line of defence against possible leaks.  It’s also another layer to muffle sounds!

Increased modesty:  wearing a cover that matches your clothing or underwear reduces the chance that your appliance will be noticed should your clothing slip or gape.

The Fabric:  all Under Undies are made from stretch fabric (front & back) that allows your appliance to expand as needed.  I’ve seen products made from satin or calico fabrics, however I believe that restricting the expansion of your appliance (especially at night time) may put strain on the seal to your skin & can cause leaks.

They look good!  It’s always nice to wear good underwear – so why not feel even more special by matching a cover to your underwear? 

They last!  Like quality underwear, your Under Undies will last for a long time with just a little bit of care – I’ve had some worn constantly that have lasted for 5 & 6 years!

Under Undies are all Australian!!  I’ve come across a number of other products available, and I believe ours cover all the bases:  great quality, custom made, wide selection, well priced & they’re stylish – Ostomy doesn’t have to mean daggy!   

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