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Under Undies Info

About Under Undies

Australian Made
I am pleased to be able to offer an Australian made alternative for Ostomates.  Wherever possible, services & suppliers are also Australian.

Perfect Fit
Because all Under UndiesTM are custom made for your appliance they will fit perfectly to the shape & the flange/base plate size.  This means your appliance won’t move around inside the cover & reduces the chance of the cover falling off.  It also means, unlike some other product offerings, you don’t need to wear a special belt to hold the cover in place – however, the openings are designed to enable you to easily attach your appliance belt if you wear one.

A pillow case opening is available, but recommended primarily for urostomies or for those with limited mobility.  Removing your cover for emptying (especially ileostomies & colostomies), is generally more hygenic & just as quick as emptying via an opening (+ neither way is quieter than the other!).  Obviously closed appliances do not require a pillow case opening. The Bouidoir range are probably nicest left fully enclosed in all cases (unless you plan on wearing everyday).


All fabric is machine washed prior to manufacture of ostomy covers.
As with any type of intimate apparel, product life will be determined by how you care for them.  A hosiery wash bag is a convenient way of washing your covers in the machine whilst reducing wear & tear.  None of our covers should be washed in hot water.  Like any quality underwear, your Under Undies will last for years with just a bit of care!

Putting the Cover on
At 1st putting the cover on may seem a bit tricky, however it will become second nature in no time at all!  Simply feed the bottom of your appliance into the back opening until the bottom of your appliance is at the bottom of the cover.  Then adjust the circular opening around your flange or base plate.  Smooth your appliance out within the cover so it sits nice & flat.  Newly changed appliances are always less pliable, but once warmed against your skin, the appliance & the cover will move more easily.

Appliance Types
We custom make covers for all appliance types – ileostomy, colostomy & urostomy for Men, Women, Kids & Babies.  Thanks to the support of Dansac, Hollister, Convatec, Omnigon, Salts & Coloplast I have the majority of appliance types on hand.  Having said that, as these companies are continually innovating, I may not always have a sample of their "new releases" - in this case, I'll request a sample & let you know.  If you are wearing a product that is not available from these companies I may need you to send me an appliance to enable me to make your cover, I will return it with your order & maintain the pattern on file for future reference.

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